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About the on-screen changes in Windows 11

We start our gander at Windows 11 for Office clients with a glance at the on-screen changes to the Start menu, taskbar, Explorer, application corners, window positions and gathering, virtual work areas, dim mode, and better screen openness. Besides which adaptations of Microsoft Office will work and look on Win11.

Win11 will be a discretionary free update for Windows 10 PCs that are viable, (we’ll talk about that beneath). Windows 10 will be around until essentially October 2025

Windows 11 has been called ‘eagerly awaited’? Truly? I guess it’s fascinating for those of us who expound on PCs professionally however I question most Windows clients are excessively energized. Truth be told, many will be a little worried about changes and adjusting to something new. To numerous clients, Microsoft’s steady changes are certainly not something to be thankful for by any means.

This is what in Windows 11 that may intrigue or influence Microsoft Office clients. We’ve utilized our own pictures from the Win11 see at every possible opportunity.

Focus Start menu

The Start menu is moving from the left side catch to the middle. If it’s not too much trouble, contain your fervor and see a specialist if torment endures.

The discussion of “Start Menu” in the middle isn’t rigorously correct. The taskbar has changed and the Start Menu is important for that.

Here’s the new focused Taskbar, utilizing the discretionary Dark Mode. The taskbar catches (Start, Search, Desktops, Widgets, Edge, Explorer, and Store) are completely focused.

Microsoft likes to add some ostentatious and clear changes so individuals feel they are getting something new and invigorating. They do likewise with Office, evolving the ‘look and feel’ with every form. It’s what could be compared to new ‘go quick’ stripes on a vehicle.

Cheerfully, the Start Menu can be gotten back to one side corner (Settings | Personalization | Taskbar). Be that as it may, the capacity to bunch applications into named regions and envelopes has been unloaded which is irritating.


The ‘Suggested’ part of the Start Menu is somewhat more than the standard thing ‘Most Recently Used’ or MRU document list. It records archives opened on the PC and cell phones connected to a similar Microsoft account.

Quick Settings

Speedy Settings menu changes glance very extraordinary in Windows 11 and now has the volume control. It can likewise have media playback controls for recordings/music playing in the Edge program or real-time features.

The Win + A an easy route to open Quick Settings in Win11 rather than the bigger Notifications and Quick Settings sheet in Windows 10.


Win + N is another easy route for the Notifications sheet which will incorporate a schedule see. Tapping on the time/date region in the taskbar raises a similar sheet.

Microsoft Office on Windows 11

Office 365 on Windows 11 will look somewhat changed. As should be obvious, the current Office doesn’t change in any huge manner, besides adjusted corners.

Office 365 is getting a ‘visual refresh’ for both Win10 and Win11 but the current options like Colorful, Dark and Light should still be available.

Office 2019, Office 2021, and Office LTSC will run on Windows 11. Earlier versions of Office will also run, most likely any Office releases that also work on Windows 10.

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