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Microsoft Announces Office 2021

Microsoft announced today that it’ll release Office 2021 for Windows and Mac by the end of this year (2021) and be supported for five years.

“We decide to release Office 2021 for private and small business use later this year,” Microsoft corporate vice chairman Jared Spataro revealed today. “Office 2021 are going to be supported for five years with the normal ‘one-time purchase’ model.”

Office 2021 will ship on both Windows and Mac and can include the OneNote app. On Windows, it’ll be available in both 32- and 64-bit versions.

Additionally, Microsoft says that it’ll not change the worth for the varied Office 2021 products in comparison to their Office 2019 equivalents. The software giant says that it’ll provide more details about new features included in Office 2021 closer to general availability.

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