– Introduction

Go to Sign in to your Microsoft account, Enter the product key, and get apps quickly. Microsoft 365 is the best way to get all the apps of Office within one subscription. In case you are trying to log in at Microsoft365.cpm/setup, you can use the other accounts like OneDrive,, Skype, or Xbox Live (if you already are using any of these services). Download & use Microsoft365 setup wizard using site, follow instructions and install apps.

How to Install Microsoft 365 Setup on Windows? is an official site provided by Microsoft Office, which allows you to download and activate the Microsoft365 apps using the product key. Here, you only need to enter the keycode and the account details that are linked to Microsoft.

  1. Go to to Setup Your Office 365.
  2. Sign In or Create a new Microsoft Account.
  3. Find your Office Product Key.
  4. Enter Microsoft Office Product key.
  5. Select your Country and Language.
  6. Download Office Setup and follow On-Screen instructions.

How to register for Microsoft Office 365 account?

Even though you can register for an office 365 account in a few methods, here the common method is shown that you can follow to create an account;

  1. Go to
  2. Otherwise, reach the Microsoft Cloud Partner site.
  3. Hit the “Sign Up” or “Create A New Account” tab displaying on the screen.
  4. Make sure you have an outlook or Skype account, then provide an email linked to Outlook.
  5. In other cases, you can use an active mobile number.
  6. Now, click on NEXT and create a password.
  7. Follow instructions to complete the process.